We are a group of creatives that knows the value of your amazing content, and how hard it is to develop it! We work hard to connect positive, high-impact influencers with high-integrity brands that understand the value of a great influencer. We specialize in influencer marketing campaign strategy and excecution, performance marketing, paid social, and integrated brand strategy. 

Why Ziigg?

let us help you monetize your hard work.

You’ve probably heard people say, “I guess I zagged when I should have zigged.” That sounds like a harmless little phrase, but it’s really an expression of regret about random choices that led in a specific direction. Life is full of seemingly random choices that are actually life-directing decisions, so making good choices – even when they seem small and insignificant – is a very important part of any person’s success.

We want to help you make good choices about how you leverage your hard work and time spent developing your unique content. We are a group of professionals and creatives that have business development and marketing skills stretching back over 20+ years. We have connections with many top brands and are able to offer high-paying influencer opportunities, We can help you maximize your energy and create multiple revenue streams while providing you with technology and tools that will build your overall income.

We are a boutique service focusing on high-end quality content, as well as high-character individuals who are trying to make a difference while providing for themselves and their families. Our brands pay a premium to high quality influencers, and if you qualify, we would love to have you on our team!